3 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing Eco- Friendly

Sals Plumbing, your South Bay family owned plumber for over 30 years wants to share how we fix common plumbing problems that we see everyday on the job such as keeping your plumbing Eco-Friendly.

Use Eco Friendly cleaners: These environmentally friendly cleaners contain enzymes that eat up all the build-up that can clog up drains.  They eat away all the junk and then biodegrade safely. Chemical free and easy to use, special biodegradable drain cleaners can be purchased at the store or ask Sal for pricing.

Insulate Plumbing Lines: Insulating interior plumbing lines can reduce energy costs by keeping the temperature more regulated which keeps the water coming from your hot water heater warmer. Insulating exterior plumbing lines will help keep exterior pipes from  bursting.

Install a point-of-use or whole household water filtration system:Do you avoid drinking your home’s tap water at all costs? Did you know stocking up on plastic bottles of water from the store? Plastic bottles can cause a lot of extra waste, 38 million plastic bottles go to the dump per year in America from bottled water! Having a filtration system installed will reduce the level of pollutants in tap water, making it safer and yummier to drink. A point-of-use system is installed at one faucet, such as the kitchen sink. Both  systems provide savings for the environment and for your wallet!

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