Fixture Installation/Replacement

Drain Lines/Repair or Relocate Water Lines

sals plumbing services laundry drains We are able to help customers who are in need to relocate their water lines to a different area in order to accommodate their renovation projects.

Leak Detection

sals plumbing services leak detection There are a gambit of tools we use for leak detection. We quickly locate the leak and fix that leak, so you can have a dry day.


sals plumbing services faucets Leaky faucets are the most annoying and very common problem in the everyday household, which we can fix instantly. This way, you can get a better night of rest.


sals plumbing services tubs Bath tub problems can be tricky at times, especially with the items we sometimes put down the drain. We can bring light to to this problem.


sals plumbing services tubs The thought of your toilet overflowing is dreadful and gross. Just call Sal’s Plumbing and you will not have to even worry about this problem.


sals plumbing services sinks Without a running sink, we are unable to function and look properly. Keep your sinks running properly with Sal’s Plumbing.

Garbage Disposals

sals plumbing services garbage disposal Do not even put your hands down that garbage disposal, if you have little clue to this machinery works. Call Sal’s Plumbing before it becomes a bigger problem.

Shower Drains

sals plumbing services shower drains Showers are a great way to relax and get yourself clean. So, you do not need to turn into a psycho if your shower drain is not work, just call Sal’s Plumbing.

Laundry Drains

sals plumbing services laundry drains The ability to do laundry at home is luxury and sometime a family can get use to. By having your laundry drains fixed will save you time and money in the long run, especially with the multitasking that happens during laundry at home.

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