Tips for fixing a Toilet Leak

Sal’s Plumbing has been providing fast & friendly plumbing service to the South Bay for over 30 years.  As such, we want to share how we fix a common problem that we see everyday on the job – Toilet Leaks.

How To Fix Toilet Leaks

The plumbing problems you typically encounter with your toilet are usually leaks. But luckily, toilet plumbing leaks are simple to fix and should not take a long time.  Before starting you must turn the water off. Drain the toilet by flushing until the water level in the tank is as low as possible.

Warning: Never use a wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts on the toilet. Toilets are porcelain, and applying too much pressure will crack them.  Instead, firmly hand tighten the seal between parts because, it is made from the rubber gaskets, and therefore will not break.

Water leaks can come from the water feed flex line or from the join between the tank and the basin of the toilet. The water feed flex line comes from the valve at the floor or wall below the toilet and up into the bottom of the tank. Leaks can develop at the valve or at the gasket in the tank.  To replace the water feed, use a wrench to unscrew the flex from the valve. Put a bucket under the tank below the gasket. The nut at the tank should come loose with your fingers or a gentle twist with a wrench. Take the flex to the hardware store and purchase one with the same ends as yours.  Install the new flex line by attaching it to the water valve and tightening with a wrench, then attaching at the tank, tightening carefully.

Toilet Leak Between Tank & Basin

If the the leak is between the tank and the basin it’s usually caused by the gasket deteriorating. To get to the gasket to replace it, you will need to unbolt the tank from the basin and remove the water flex. Carefully lift the tank and put it out of the way. The gasket is a large rubber circle sealing the pipe into the basin. Remove the gasket, and clean both the tank and basin joins carefully. Put in the new gasket and replace the tank on the basin. Tighten the bolts carefully and replace the water flex. Turn the water on and check for leaks.

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