Summer Plumbing Problems – How To Protect Your Home

Sal’s Plumbing, your family run South Bay Plumber for over 30 years wants to protect you from potential problems for homeowners this summer.  However, the warmer months are a prime time for plumbing problems that may not occur at other times of the year. How can homeowners protect their property from serious summer plumbing problems and what particular issues should they be careful to avoid? Here are five of the most common plumbing problems that arise during the summer.

1. Clogged Garbage Disposal

If you are like most South Bay residents you will be having plenty of cookouts this summer.  If so, you will need be careful of how you dispose of waste food. While produce may be organic, it is generally not good for your garbage disposal, particularly if you are getting rid of hard fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon or corn. These types of produce can damage the blades in your disposal unit or lead to stubborn clogs. Used cooking oils are also damaging to garbage disposal systems, so avoid pouring the dirty grease down the drain after grilling out. It is also a good idea to run cold water through your disposal for a few seconds before and after you use it to clear any remaining bits of food.

2. Sewer Line Backups

Some areas in the South Bay are prone to sewer line backups.   You home might experience this if tree roots spread underground and crack the pipes. If you see any signs of sewer line trouble such as water from the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain, call Sal’s Plumbing right away. We have extensive experience investigating and repairing sewer lines.

3. Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine may get more of a workout during the summer, especially if you have children that are out of school. Spending days at the pool or the beach results in more laundry to wash, which can put additional stress on your washing machine. It is best to stay at home while the machine is running, so that if a problem arises you can stop the cycle immediately and call a professional if needed. You should also move the machine out from the wall a little to prevent the hose from kinking.

4. Clogged Toilets

Household toilets are also used more regularly in the summer, thanks to children using the bathroom during the day. Teach your kids to use a modest amount of toilet paper and to flush only after they actually use the bathroom. Common clogs are fairly simple to clear with a plunger, but if you need additional help, call in a professional.

5. Sprinkler Issues

If you have sprinklers embedded in your lawn, be sure to inspect and clean the heads before the season begins. When you are mowing the lawn, be careful to do so when the sprinkler heads are lowered, in order to avoid damaging them.


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